In 1944, Ella Fitzgerald and the Ink Spots recorded the song “Into each life some rain must fall.” As Christians, we can certainly relate to this expression. As we take up our crosses every day and follow Jesus, we know that His plans for us are filled with countless blessings, but we also know we must bear the many burdens that will befall us as well.

As Ecclesiastes points out, “There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens.” The bible clearly states that we all will face times of sorrow. Fortunately, the Lord doesn’t keep His people in a constant state of weeping. He fills us with the Holy Spirit to endure difficult days, and we, too, are asked to comfort others who are going through sorrowful times by offering support through our prayers and our presence. In times of sadness, it is not easy to feel blessed, but by turning to Christ, we know there will be days of rejoicing again.

Developing a relationship with God takes time and practice. As we grow older, it becomes much easier and more automatic to turn to Christ in times of need. For those who do not regularly turn to God in prayer, there may be hesitation to ask Him for help, and the burdens they face alone must seem insurmountable. I cannot imagine how anyone can cope with the inevitable trials of life if they do not know they can and should turn to God for comfort.

Too often, we do everything we can to shield our children from experiencing sorrow. We want them to be always happy, so we pave the way and remove all obstacles. This practice, while well-intentioned, is not healthy for them and it certainly does not allow them the opportunity to feel God’s comforting hand in their time of grief. That is why it is so important to teach children at a very early age to turn to God in all things. When children learn to share their feelings and concerns with God regularly, they will establish a foundation for the future. And when “a little rain falls” – when they experience sadness, distress, or worry — they can lift up their concerns to our Savior, who certainly understands their pain.

As we begin our Lenten journey this week, with the distribution of Ashes on Wednesday, please make prayer an even more intentional practice in your home, but not just prayers of petition. Remember to turn to God every day with prayers of praise, thanksgiving, and sorrow as well. What we practice becomes habit, and this is one habit that will serve us all well.

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Kathleen Mock

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