In our quest to help students grow in faith, knowledge, and character, we often look to the saints as a guide and inspiration. We teach our children that we are all saints-in-the-making. No one is perfect, not even the saints, but they worked hard every day to try to serve God and act Christ-like. Many of these great role models have feast days in October, such as St. Therese of Lisieux (Little Flower) on October 1, St. Francis of Assisi on October 4, and St. Teresa of Avila on October 15. It is difficult, however, to try to emulate someone that lived so long ago in a very different time.

On Wednesday, October 12, we also celebrate the Feast of Blessed Carlo Acutis. Blessed Carlo was born in London and raised in Milan. He volunteered his time with the homeless, and also created a website dedicated to cataloguing every reported Eucharistic miracle around the world. In addition to being a computer whiz, he enjoyed films, comics, soccer, and popular video games, which makes him a wonderful role model for our students.

Blessed Carlo was diagnosed with leukemia and died at the young age of 15. He was beatified in 2020 by Pope Francis, making him a fairly new saint-in-the making. Our students have been learning about Blessed Carlo’s life and his dedication to God in Religion classes, so on Wednesday, October 12, we will recognize him by dressing in his go-to wardrobe: jeans, a sweatshirt, and sneakers (or any other non-uniform clothing choice as deemed appropriate in the Parent Handbook).

We all have burdens and struggles in our lives, but we are asked to go forward each day with joy and hope, serving God and one another. Blessed Carlo used technology to reach young people and share with them his friendship with the Lord.

In Mission,