Lauren Crane Future Problem SolverSixth grade student Lauren Crane recently represented St. Michael’s School at the State Meet of Future Problem Solving In this competition, teams receive a “future scenario” and have to decipher the scenario (which is usually really cryptic and obscure, set in the distant future), come up with the underlying problem, identify potential solutions, evaluate their potential solutions against a set of criteria they come up with, and then narrow in on their top recommendation to solve the problem. This first part is done over the course of a few hours with the team of four members. The team then also develops and act out an “action plan” of their solution, which is essentially a short skit, using very limited props and meeting some other guidelines. Lauren’s foursome came in sixth overall (out of 26) for their solution and the booklet they submitted. For the skit, they came in third. Congratulations, Lauren! And thanks for the SMS shout-out!