Advisory Council


The School Advisory Council is comprised of nine current school parents, as well as the president of the Parent-Teacher Group (PTG). Experts in their respective fields, the Advisory Council members chair sub-committees, which include: Finance,Grounds and Maintenance, Development (fundraising), Public Relations and Marketing, and Technology. Advisory Council meetings are held each month, at which time the pastor presents a parish report, the principal and vice principal provide policy and curricular udates, and council members present sub-committee information. While the role of the council is advisory, their input is highly valued and respected.


The 2015-2016 St. Michael’s School Advisory Council:
Father John Dolan——- Pastor
Mrs. Kathleen Mock ———– Principal
Mrs. Terry Gase —————– Vice Principal
Mrs. Carol D’Agnese
Mrs. Susan Feiner
Mrs. Lisa Holland ——- PTG President
Mr. Phil Jelsma
Mr. Matt Jordan
Mrs. Rosemarie Robles
Mr. Paul Entwistle
Mrs. Stephanie Wahl
Mr. Kevin Terry