Grades 5-8 Students in grades 5–8 participate in a variety of activities to enhance endurance, strength, agility, and muscle tone. Pickle ball and badminton are two examples. Pickle ball is played on a tennis court using paddles and a wiffleball. The unit is introduced with basic paddling skills and tricks. The students start working by themselves, then play with partners, and eventually work together in groups of four. Once the students have perfected their skill, a kings and queens of the court style game ensues. As with pickle ball, badminton begins with basic passing and serving skills, particularly a backhand serve. Warm-ups usually consist of serving and partner passing. Students learn the basic rules and etiquette of doubles badminton. Students also prepare for participation in the annual Parochial School Track meet held at Cathedral Catholic High School. To they will practice short runs such as the 100 meter, and long runs such as the 800 meter and the mile. They will also practice the long jump and javelin throw using youth javelins.