Parent Teacher Group (P.T.G)


The Saint Michael’s Parent Teacher Group coordinates activities, performs services, builds school spirit, supports staff and involves parents by encouraging them to be active members of the school community and to raise school related funds. The PTG also allows for appropriate lines of communication between parents, teachers and the administration.


Mission Statement

The primary responsibility for the St Michael’s School Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is to foster the relationship between family and school so that parents and educators may cooperate in the development of faith, knowledge and character of each child. This is achieved by:

  • Promoting a broad appreciation of the need for and ideals of a sound Catholic education.
  • Providing parents a structure through which parents may become active in the life of the school community.
  • Maximizing financial resources available to the school through well-planned fundraising activities, volunteer services and contributions from the business community.
  • Providing Christ-like encouragement and support by fostering communication and relationships between parents, teachers, administration and students in our school family.