Grade 6 – Grade 8 Grade 6 Students learn about the journey of the Israelites in the Old Testament. Starting with the creation accounts, moving through the Exodus and the road to the Promised Land, students explore the covenant God made with Abraham and promised to his descendants. Through hardship and victory the Israelites are the Chosen People fulfilled in God, and He does not abandon them. In each unit students recognize recurring themes among stories and analyze the Israelites’ behavior. The curriculum goal is to understand the foundational elements of our faith and realize God’s plan for salvation.  Grade 7 Religion students in grade seven develop their understanding of the person of Jesus Christ through the New Testament. First quarter primarily focuses on the synoptic Gospels and second quarter places emphasis on the Acts of the Apostles and the Letters of Paul. Third quarter leads the students through the Gospel of John and during the fourth quarter students are exposed to the early Church through the Book of Revelation as well as an understanding of the history of the sacraments.