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Powder Puff Football Play Video

Fall Sports Play Video

Our athletic program provides opportunities for St. Michael’s students to develop critical life skills such as working together as a team towards a common goal and accepting victory graciously and defeat with dignity. At the junior varsity level (grades 5-6) the goals of the program are skills development, belonging to and participating on a school sports team, and camaraderie. The goals of the program at the varsity level (grades 7-8) are to refine skills, play competitively as a team, practice good sportsmanship, and foster school spirit. St. Michael’s is part of the North County Parochial League (NCPL). The purpose of the NCPL sports program is to teach and exemplify the basic human and Christian values of sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork. Its goal is to help foster friendships, provide leadership opportunities, and help the students develop a positive attitude toward sports and athletic competition. The NCPL sports program is not “win at all costs.” SMS Sports Policy The following sports are offered: Girls Grades 5-8:
  • Fall – Volleyball, “Powderpuff” Flag Football Tournament
  • Winter – Soccer
  • Spring – Basketball, OLP High School Basketball Tournament
Boys Grades 5-8:
  • Fall – Flag Football
  • Winter – Basketball, Saint Augustine High School Basketball Tournament
  • Spring – Soccer, Volleyball
K-8 Boys and Girls:
  • Spring – Cathedral High School Track Meet
St. Michael’s School promotes cooperative teamwork and positive attitudes when playing any sport. Team members, coaches, parents, and spectators are all expected to conduct themselves with the high standards we hold: respect, patience, enthusiasm, and self-control.