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Four St. Michael’s School Earn Prestigious Merit Scholarships at Local Catholic High Schools Congratulations to Evan Staylor who was one of the top ten scoring students on the High School Placement Test at Saint Augustine High School administered last month. For his excellent score, he has been awarded a $10,000 merit scholarship that will be spread out over the course of his four years at SAHS. Congratulations to Will Geiser and Daniel Paul for scoring in the 99th Percentile on the High School Placement Exam for Cathedral Catholic. For their accomplishments, they have been awarded a $7,000 merit scholarship. CCHS issued a total of eight scholarships; two went to eighth grade students currently enrolled in public elementary schools, and six were awarded to eighth grade students currently enrolled in Catholic elementary schools in the Diocese. Congratulations to Katie Jordan! Katie was just awarded one of the ten Pilot Leadership scholarships offered to the Academy of Our Lady of Peace Class of 2020. Scholarships are awarded to selected applicants based on demonstrated leadership experience and potential as well as well-rounded co-curricular involvement. Scholarships are valued at $2000 to be distributed annually across four years of enrollment. We are proud of Evan, Will, Daniel and Katie for their success, and we are grateful to their teachers and parents for guiding them in their educational journey.