As I begin my 17th year as Principal in “America’s Finest City,” at “America’s Finest Catholic School”, I will, once again, be sending out short Monday messages that pertain to education, our Catholic faith, and school highlights. I hope that you will find some of my notes to be informational, entertaining, or a catalyst for reflection.

On Saturday, Robert McElroy, Bishop of San Diego, along with 19 other Bishops and

Archbishops from around the world, were installed as Cardinals, new advisors to Pope Francis. Next to the pope, they are the most senior members of the clergy of the Catholic Church. One of their duties is to elect a new pope, usually from among themselves, following the death or resignation of the reigning pontiff. Cardinal McElroy joins the ranks of six other North American Cardinal electors who are younger than 80 years of age, which makes them eligible to vote. They include: Wilton Daniel Gregory – Washington, Blase Cupich – Chicago, Joseph Tobin – Newark, Timothy Dolan – New York, Daniel DiNardo – Galveston/Houston, and Sean O’ Malley – Boston. The body of all Cardinals is known as the College of Cardinals of which there are currently 226; 132 of whom are Cardinal electors.

As a school, we will be praying for Cardinal McElroy as he begins this monumental role. We are very happy for him and we ask God to bless him and bestow on him the grace and wisdom he will need in the months and years ahead. Please pray for Cardinal McElroy in your homes as well.

In Mission,

Kathleen Mock