Over the course of our school’s 59 year history, our students have been blessed to be taught, mentored, and guided by amazing priests who have dedicated their lives to service. From our founding pastor, Monsignor Michael Coughlin, followed by Monsignor Joseph Finnerty, and Monsignor Neal Dolan, on to Fr. (now Bishop) John Dolan, and Fr. Mel Monreal, our pastors have led our parish and school to greatness. Our associate pastors have been equally impressive, interacting with students through homilies and on the sports fields. These have included Fr. Lauro Minimo (who can forget when he brought a light saber as a prop to Mass), Fr. David Exner, Fr. Victor Marsala, and now Fr. David McNamara. Their passion and enthusiasm have been great examples to all of us about how to grow closer to Christ. While recent events surrounding our church with regard to a very small handful of priests in decades past has certainly been tragic, we cannot paint a broad brush because the overwhelming majority of these men are true servants of God.

This Saturday evening at 5:30 PM, I am EAGERLY, STRONGLY, ENTHUSIASTICALLY encouraging you to attend Mass with your family at St. Michael’s Parish. Fr. David, our newest priest, who hails from Ireland, will be the celebrant. He has celebrated two school Masses to date, and the homilies at both were extremely relevant to students and adults alike (see a short video clip below of his homily from March 3). His messages are clear and purposeful, and our students have been highly engaged in the liturgy. Hopefully, they have shared with you their excitement about his talks. If you have not yet met him, Saturday night is your opportunity to introduce yourselves. It is also a great opportunity for us to come together as a school community to worship during Lent. We plan to provide regular opportunities to invite you to Mass and learn how to implement the Gospel into daily life.

After Mass, we will gather in the Holy Family Center as a community for a little fun as we watch “Yes Day!” a cute family movie starring Jennifer Garner. Mercy Corps and Student Council will be selling concessions: hot dogs, pizza, nachos, candy, drinks, and more. PLUS, if you attend Mass prior to the movie, make sure you pick up a ticket to receive a free piece of pizza or a hot dog. The HFC floor will be clear, so bring your lawn chairs or blankets to spread out. The movie will begin around 6:45 PM.

here is a lot going on in our world today that is terrifying, and many believe it is because so many people have put faith on the back-burner. It is time to try to make a difference, at least in our own little corner of the world. We may not be able to solve all of the world’s problems, but we can join together and make our community strong.

See you Saturday!

Kathleen Mock