Every organization has a Mission Statement, which describes its goals and why the organization exists. This simple statement should be a model for its employees and stakeholders, and the driving force behind all of the organization’s policies and decisions. We spent some time last week reviewing our mission with our students since it directly applies to them as well. It is important that they understand the tenets behind their educational experience, because they will be more successful if they take ownership of their own learning. 

We place Jesus Christ at the forefront of our mission, because it is He whom we try to emulate in all of our daily interactions. The first pillar of a St. Michael’s School education is Faith. We provide students with the opportunity to develop a relationship with Christ through prayer, scripture, sacraments, Mass, para-liturgical celebrations, and discussion. Through these experiences, we hope that our students will understand Christ’s unconditional love for them, and learn to turn to Him, during both the good and difficult times throughout their life.

The second pillar of a St. Michael’s School education is Knowledge. All of our teachers and staff are passionate about their vocation, and they are dedicated to sharing their love of learning with their students. We hope to instill in them a desire to be life-long learners, and to understand that learning sometimes involves struggle and uncertainty. The third pillar is Character. We hold our students to a higher standard, asking them to take responsibility for their actions. We expect that they will respect one another, treat one another with kindness, and uphold the dignity of their fellow classmates. This is a bit counter-cultural, but we are empowered to face the challenge.

Working together with parents, who are the primary educators of their children, we understand the necessity of fulfilling this mission. The world is certainly a different place than it was when we were growing up, and our children have many more obstacles they will face because of the decline in societal morals and values. However, our graduates possess the skills, the confidence, and the determination to make an impact in their future careers, in their communities, and in their families, allowing faith to guide and support them. We are counting on them to be Change-Makers!

Kathleen Mock